ABOUT Immediate Matrix

Check Out Our Development Team

 Immediate Matrix was created by a global team of dedicated professionals from areas such as research and development, statistics and modeling, data science, web development, and artificial technology.

Our CTO is Antonio Barbosa is a Portugal native. A self-made millionaire, Antonio has made his fortune developing algorithms for various government agencies such as NOAA, and the Bureau of Meteorology in Australia.

The Lead Statistician is Rachel Weber. Rachel is originally from Germany, and has a PHD in Statistics from Technische Universität Berlin. Her thesis was about Predictive Modeling and Real Time Deployment-Based Sampling.

Gregor Petrov is our main coder. He is our bootstrap captain. Anything in PhP, Python, HTML, CSS, JS, C, C# and Kotlin is his domain.

Andre Kagan is our AI specialist. Originally from Lithuania, Andre has spent the last 3 years of his life in what he refers to as the “AI Matrix”. Hence, the name of our app!

Then we have the rest of the team which consists of Irene which is is responsible for HR and customer support, and Slava who does Quality Assurance.


What is the Purpose of Immediate Matrix?

In essence, Immediate Matrix acts as an auxiliary trading app which latches on or integrates with a supported broker and automates the trading process for members. It is designed for the sole purpose of generating profits for users who are in the market for a simple yet effective trading app.

How This Team Made Immediate Matrix Easily Accessible

Immediate Matrix engineers are first an foremost smart people. Secondly, they have taken their skills and knowledge and breathed air into a fully functional trading app which is currently the envy of the entire online crypto trading industry. The emphasis was on an intuitive trading dashboard, point and click strategies, and a streamlined deployment process.